Unusual South Bend 1110 reel


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I've pulled one of those apart before and I can tell you this; It really needs to be kept clean. a lot of parts with little room for dirt, dust etc. The best way to describe the innards is to think of it like the inside of a manual watch, several layers of thin moving parts.


Totally Unprofessional
This is a good looking real. I don't know much about classic reels other than I appreciate the aesthetics. Curious, why you refer to it as blue collar? Is it brand? because certainly a made in the USA reel would be upper echelon in today's market.


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Yes, I tend to describe the South Bend brand as blue collar, kind of a term of endearment and in contrast to the Hardy's and Dingleys of that era. But you've gotta love that American Made origin.

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