Where to go for a good time in the Winter?


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An odd question, or wording of it, to come from a 15 year old. Until his age was mentioned I wondered why no one had suggested Tiajuana or similar.
Im gonna give you some opposite advice.. screw postponing life till your 40! chase your dreams now because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Nothing wrong with Harvard, or college, but its not the only way to do things. It is just the way that is prescribed by our current time and society.

Skip Enge

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I sub teach at a HS...Help in classrooms too...some of these guys got all serious here and I was being funny. So they don't think I am being irresponsible...about planning and sheet. You want to have fun...I live in another area...it's too damn cold to fish for me now...Unsolicited Advise...well sorry but i gotta say in a nutshell...getting out of HS is a good thing -with a diploma...fun is when you do what you have to do to make that happen...then you get to choose a lot more... One bit of advise as i work with kids that are credit deficient and running out of time...just show up in class and take notes, keep track of them and study a bit regularly . and you will be having a lot more "fun" than the kids I am working with.
It seems that a lot of forum members are having fun fishing in the salt water this time of year. Sea run cutthroat as well as other fish. Ideally you will find a fishing buddy that has some experience (and a car). I'll bet there are some old foggies that would be happy to pick you up at 4:00 AM, take you to the beach and show you the ropes. A bus ride with a bicycle could also be an option. Whenever I see a person fishing I assume that that is a likely place to try, especially if I am new to the area. It has been said that there is no such thing as a juvenile delinquent behind a fishing rod. At 15 I was living proof that this is not correct.