NFR Wenatchee/Leavenworth Meetup?

Chic Worthing

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I am in 3 Lakes (downstream from Wenatchee) but wintering in Arizona. Fishing next week, shooting skeet this week.


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Not yet ha, another year of no fall summers on the uc and I probably will have to trade all my spray poles for single handers
I had that same thought and conversation a couple days ago but then I remembered a carp guru using his spray pole to dap worms (wooly) into the tules for carps.......

Jim Ficklin

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What in the hell is a spray pole. Never heard of such a thing.
Watch me try to cast a single-hander during the heat of the prolific Damsel hatch on my home , lol . . . my float tube spins like a Dreidel:confused: . . .

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