Rod blank comparison data site?

It's been a while for me making "plastic" rods but I remember a site that compared a lot of blanks from the high end makers to the not so well marketed blank makers. I thought it might have been "Common Cents" but I can't find the comparison data chart that I remember. The neat thing was you could look at a number of "traits" a rod had and compare them to other rods. Many times you could find a very similar blank to a high end blank for pennies on the dollar. can someone point me to the site again? It's the $hit$ getting old and not remembering things.

I have a friend who is thinking about maybe building a fly rod for the first time. I built up a Tiger Eye 6'6" 2 wt fly rod a long time ago for myself and it was a sweet little caster and good looking blank. The rod blank was not very expensive but the action was great, I ended up giving it to my nephew and he loves it for creek and stream fishing. I wanted my friend to see that you can build great fly rods without breaking the bank by comparing the data that has been collected.


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