FS 3 old glass rods and a Riverbeast

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Cleaning out my rod quiver, time to let a few of these go to someone else!

Scott F80/5 - $SOLD
Early Scott San Francisco F80/5 Brown glass (8' 6wt, 5 pc), with the original 'Scott PowR-Ply San Francisco' aluminum tube and green sock. The serial # and color places it around '78-'81. The cork has some darkening and a few dents, but the guides and wraps all look good, with just a couple of imperfections in the rod coating.
Scott 1.jpg Scott 2.jpg Scott 1.jpg Scott 2.jpg Scott 4.jpg Scott 6.jpg

Abercrombie & Fitch "Banty" - $80
Mid-1960's 2-piece glass spinning rod with original tube and sock. Marked Abercrombie & Fitch "Banty" 1 0z. Spin. Assembled rod is a mere 48"! I think I have the original reel that came with it, if you're interested (it's a spinning reel - also marked A&F). A small fly reel should fit on the cork handle. Awesome flex all the way down to the handle.
AF Banty 1.jpg AF Banty 2.jpg AF Banty 3.jpg AF Banty 5.jpg

Wright & McGill Trimpact - $20
3 piece 8 1/2 ft. glass rod. It feels like a 6 or 7 weight rod. Reel seat is interesting - it locks up from the base of the rod. Rod tube is included but it's a possibly homemade duct-tape wrapped cardboard deal.
Wright McGill 1.jpg Wright Mcgill 2.jpg Wright McGill 3.jpg

Riverbeast 9' 6 wt - $30
Bought this off of eBay a while ago from a now-defunct rod company. It's been my backup rod and has caught fish. The tube alone is probably $20.
Riverbeast 1.jpg Riverbeast 2.jpg

PM me with questions, thanks for looking!

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