Winter in Montana


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can you explain the top photo?
Sure. In the winter, field mice burrow into the deep snow often staying there for long periods. When they get hungry they crawl up to the surface and, in this case, scamper over to where the seeds fall from my bird feeder.

From other tracks I can conclude some meet up with other mice and mate before scampering back to their nests.

Jim Ficklin

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I've watched many a Red Fox & Coyotes hunting Voles in the massive networks of tunnels that Voles & field Mice/Deer Mice use under persistent snow cover. Barn Owls are also unerringly-accurate when hunting the little rodents when the snow isn't too deep.

When I called my Sis this morning, the temp there was 52- degrees colder than here - and it was 26 here. Brrrr.:eek:


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Jim. I have Pygmy owls that pick off songbirds and mice. The great horned owls get about everything including cats and

It was -20 this morning. High +5.


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Neighbors cat fell to a Great Horned a short time ago...... course it could been the resident Lynx family that frequents the area....

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