Fly tying on the ferry

My wife and I are moving to Bremerton in March. I'll be commuting to downtown Seattle on the 7:20AM boat, maybe the 6:20AM on some mornings. I plan to make use of the extra commute time by tying flies both ways.

If anyone here is a ferry commuter from that side, and you see a guy tying really ugly flies, come say hello!

Closing on our first house March 9th. Hard to believe, but we are making this move next weekend! Pretty excited, as my dad sent me a fishpond travel fly tying bag for my birthday, perfect for the commute as mentioned above :)

Sad to be farther from the Skagit.... excited to be closer to my favorite OP spots. It's a big change for us, but I look forward to it. One thing that I plan on taking up, is fishing the sound. I've put it off in the past because I stay busy year round with my rivers and lakes, but I don't think I can hold out much longer being in such a great area for it.


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I live on Bainbridge and commute on that ferry 3-4 days a week (when I do not work from home). Never thought of tying but that’s an idea although my ferry ride is a bit shorter than yours. I actually love the commute. About as stress free as they come. I look forward to running into you on a beach this side of the

Nick Clayton

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Welcome to Kitsap, and congrats on the new home!

Bremerton gets a bad rep for some reason but personally I think it's a pretty great place to live. Certainly better than anywhere in the greater Seattle/Tacoma shit hole if you ask me. Just avoid the Bremalos and you'll be fine :)

Tons of great saltwater fishing in this area, and some pretty decent lakes as well. Its a good drive to any good moving water, but that stuff is way overrated anyway ;)

Jim Ficklin

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Congrats on your first house! I didn't mind living in & around Bremerton although it has grown significantly since then. Tying during the commute is a good idea.

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