Flats boots... felt vs no felt

Anyone out there having problems with rubber soled flats booties and slipping on tropical reefs at all?

Any new products out there that someone might suggest... many thanks.... ST
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Does the Vibram sole make a huge difference to anyone out there?? My decade old diving booties with soft rubber sole just not doing it for me any more....

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The outer oceanside reefs are slippery as ice and also have the worst wave action. Bad combination! Vibram soles might help a little, my flats boots are hard rubber.

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Joe from PA
Flats and reefs are 2 different animals. I've never had an issue with rubber soled footwear navigating reefs in the tropics, but I'd avoid using felt soles on most of the flats that I fish, as they would likely quickly get caked up with fine sand/silt/mud adhering to the bottoms.

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I use dive boots with a hard rubber sole, they work well on flats and reefs, they are hot...but they work. Mine have a steel shank running down the foot bed as well, ankle support is dandy. I have never used felt in the tropics..



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I’m now using these zip up boots from Soft Science. I still like the Cabelas but they don’t drain. I hate having to take boots off to pour hot water out . I use Simms flats sneakers as well, but these ones are so quick to get on and off and traction is very good. They drain super fast.
Do the Soft Science run true to size?

That's quite the collection of rods in the background!


the Menehune stole my beer
Do the Soft Science run true to size?

That's quite the collection of rods in the background!
Pretty much true to size. I’m an 11.5 but they don’t have half sizes so I wear the 12. The terrain here is brutal with all the lava rock. I’ve had two pair I alternate using for five months of near daily use. So far so good.
Many thanks @Mingo for the advice on those boots they were on Amazon Prime and they fit very good with nice comfortable support man.... the plan is to test them out at K Bay next week thanks again and tight lines to everyone.... ST

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