Article Medalist 1495 left hand retrieved seems off?


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Hey everyone, I bought a medalist 1495 off eBay and it was setup to be lhr. It’s seems odd as the drag has the lesser amount of clicks than the retrieve. Not as smooth as the retrieve. It came with a box that says for right handed so is this a model that wasn’t made to be swapped? I need to swap it back if so.

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You can do a half @'$$ reverrsal by flipping the drag plate. The tensioner will work, but the clicks are still RHW preferred. It's functional but not truly reversable.


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Google "reversing Pfleuger 1495 drag". I believe you will find several informative articles on what to do/whether it can be done. If this model is able to be reversed, it sounds like maybe the pawl was not reversed. I have reversed several models and have not experienced this problem.

Good luck.
I had an old Medalist and I just figured ya had to change hands to reel in.
Cast right handed, put the rod in the left hand to reel in, just like the old level wind bait casting reel

Richard E

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To me it sounds like it wasn’t set up for LHR. I’ve seen it before, where someone had the retrieve reversed from what they intended, and they didn’t know it.


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I have a Medalist that was given to me and set up for RHR; I cast right handed and don't buy into the switch rods to reel theory so I converted it to LHR. I found @plecoptera419's fiberglass flyrodder link very interesting because it does describe the Medalist's drag now that I've converted to LHR; there's quite the hesitation and potential leader shock. That "hesitation" hasn't been a problem for me (yet).

David Loy

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I have two 1495s that came with RHW, as all did from the factory I believe. I contacted onePfoot and purchased two conversion clutches, at $25 each if I recall correctly. Once installed, they have performed flawlessly with LHW. Since one of these reels was Dad's, and the only FF gear he had left, I didn't care about the price.


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Struggling to pay for the clutches and reel foot from onepfoot. The reels were 15 to make me work properly, got to drop another 60 per. Maybe I’m too cheap?

David Loy

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$60 per seems high. Alternatively you can always go “old school” and learn to reel right. Most folks did before the 80s. It’s not like you reel in all the time like with a spinning reel, or even for every fish. And, there are certain advantages, like the reel handle not fouling the fly line as often.

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