SBS Alien Bead Fry

I was lucky enough to meet up with Dave yesterday and he gave me one of these super cool patterns! I was stoked to be able to get my hands on one so I could get a better idea how it was constructed.

I am heading out on the beach tomorrow. I generally don't fish flies that I didn't tie myself but I think I'll have to make an exception for this one
Thanks all!!
It was a long time project that Clints swap forced me to finalize. With most swaps, I tie and go, these things were done and then broken back down three times to find the right mixture.

Nick Clayton Always a pleasure connecting with you, I felt super out of context in the Starbucks Apron. Thank you for the flies yourself, I sense perch/crappie fest. Grats on your Final!

SeattleFarq Glad it worked! Yes the eyes are the weakness. I tried superglue and a coating of goo, but nahh they get hammered. Any fine 4mm eye will replace it.
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