A few "synthetic" flies

Here's the thing, those were a joke...but still jokes that I'm going to fish because well, they have great movement (or at least the individual parts do--the Dirty AF #3 didn't move quite like I was hoping, #1 did, #2 is ok, but #3 just didn't do it)...I'm not sure one could say that about the dick flies someone threw up on the vise thread (that weren't even theirs), besides, it looks like the balls might hinder hook-up ratio. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, the way you went about it was, well odd...but no apology necessary. Besides, I'd still fish with you given the opportunity. Now, back to trying to get another winter steelhead on a stripped streamer (moved one yesterday morning...surprised the hell out of me given the water temp, but no dice).


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