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Thomas Mitchell

corvus ossifragus
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Now spoken for.

Flies - ziplock back of a couple hundred (?) flies, all sorts, all usable, everything from #1.5 steelhead flies tied on Alec Jackson spey hooks to small softhackles. Great for salvaging the hooks if you don't wan the flies. ((% tied by me - I tend to re-tie for my boxes each year and end up with a pile of unused or lightly used flies. $8 for USPS flat rate postage.

Boxes - 2 Orvise Wheatley copies, on SciAngler dry fly box and a few cheaper copies, one well used Cliffs box. $14 for USPS fat rate postage.

If you want both, it'll just be the $14 for postage, same as the boxes.

Just want to keep this out of the landfill.
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