Never let winter get in your way


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.....but certainly the epicenter of the Spring Fling!

Here on the frozen tundra it has just been brutal. So much snow has come off of my roof that I can now walk up on top of the house. On the ground there is at least 2 feet of snow and 6' to 8' berms around the place are going to take a long time to melt. If only I could get my trailer out I would be gone but right now I would need a bulldozer to move some mountains of snow. I have even contemplated going somewhere snow free and living in a motel for a few days just to get some relief.

Next week looks better though with temps finally moving into the forties. On Sunday I'll try to plow my way out to the county road and hope another rogue snowstorm doesn't ruin all of my efforts.
Good luck Ive and hope no more rogue storms your way!

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