MA 11 Report

Saturday was my most productive day in the salt since I started fishing this past summer. I’ve been reading this forum religiously for the past 6 months and feel like it finally starting coming together for me this weekend. I can’t thank this community enough!

Now for the report….I got out to an MA11 beach around 1pm. The weather was chilly and sunny with a slight breeze coming from the south. There was a nice outgoing tide and the water was moving at a decent pace. Lots of fish jumping as soon as I hit the beach so I was optimistic for a productive day. There were 8 other people throwing flies by the time I got out.

The first two hours or so produced two rezzies. One was caught on a Delia Squid and the other on an Olive over White Clouser. Lots of casts in between and not a ton of action. I only saw one other fish caught on the beach during that time.

All of a sudden the beach cleared out and I was left alone around 3:30. I decided to walk a little farther down the beach to see if I could find any surface action (the jumping had died down where I was). I started seeing dimples on the surface ways down the beach and figured the fish were “sipping” stuff on the surface.

This immediately reminded me of @Nick Clayton's “Sippers and Small Stuff ( thread from a few weeks ago. I had tied a few of @SilverFly's Krystal Krill ( from the thread and decided to give them a shot.

This was the right move. I Immediately started getting lit up. Every 3rd or 4th cast over the next 35 minutes I was getting a hookup. I ended up landing several more rezzies and an SRC. Way too much fun. All of the fish were between 12-15 inches.

Needless to say, I will be tying more Krystal Krill this week and will be back at it again next weekend! Thanks for the tips @Nick Clayton and @SilverFly !

No photos of the fish unfortunately as I’d left my phone in an Uber the night before.:( Photos of the fly box below...first time I have been out with only ties I tied.

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Thanks for the report. I threw the entire kitchen sink at sipping fish and had nothing to show, now I understand why. Even though I got totally skunked, it was a great afternoon to enjoy a nice Cuban and some scotch!


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I should be thanking you Kevin. I posted the SBS on your request, which led me to making a trip up to fish with Nick so he could corrupt me in the ways of beach fishing for rezzies and cutts. Ironically, the krill flies fished pretty well for me, except when I encountered sippers! Maybe I was fishing them too fast?
@SilverFly FWIW I was stripping slow and smooth. I would cast out about 20ft up current from where I saw the surface action. I'd then let the current take my line right over where the fish were and start stripping slow as the line was getting there. I was using a floating line with a sink tip.

@Nick Clayton nice!