Chances north of Seattle

Weekend of March 3 & 4, I will be limited to beach fishing from Carkeek Park north to Everett. What are the odds of getting more action than the much needed double-haul practice?


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There is always a chance, especially with the good tides this weekend.
I’ve lived above Carkeek for 30+ years, but it is one of the last places I’d pick to fish the sound.

MA 10 closes to salmon tomorrow, so you might want to try a bit further north if salmon are your target.

Good luck this weekend.
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It’s hard to justify fishing that area when it’s closed for salmon. There just aren’t many cutthroat. Areas to the north are open and fishing well, but I don’t know about beach access.


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Areas 8-2 and 9 are indeed open to fish for salmon, but remember you have to release everything except hatchery chinook over 22".

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