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OK lets close this swap here with 7 people tying a total of 14 flies.... 2 patterns of 7 each or 1 of 14, your choice.

3.Mr Trout

Please tie them on SS hooks and debarb them... these are SRC flies and if you dont debarb them I will.
The due date will be may 14th but please do them as soon as your available time allows and get them in... please do not wait until the last minute to do your flies.
Please send the flies to me in a Self Addressed Stamped envelope... also putting them in a altoids box or other small container helps prevent damage to the flies both coming to me and going out to you.
please send them to...
david smart
SRC fly swap
24255 PCH #3180
Malibu CA 90263

shipping here should be no different than going to bainbridge... if this is a problem for anyone just send me a pm and we can take care of it. bawling:

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
I wish I was looking at finals... I still have 6 weeks left... All my friends at other schools are done in a week or two, but UW gets out way later. Then again we don't start until the last week of september, so oh well. But, I will be spending some quality vise time this week I think.

Willie Bodger

Still, nothing clever to say...
Ok, I'm a slacker, I know, but those flat-wings are *(&!#$%^(&ing me off. And sinc eI figure I should enjoy, this, sorry, no flat wing from me, I'll come up with something else...


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no worries... still have about 10 days until it would be optimal to have them shipped out.
Hope you guys are all getting them done.
I have Trevors and they look really good.
Finally got mine in the mail today. They are supposed to be for "Pinks" but should work on searuns. From what I've heard (no first hand experience yet) they will hit most anything moving if they are aggressive. Thanks for setting this up David.

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
Just finished my tying marathon, and they are all done. I will have them mailed tomorrow morning. I did some chartreuse clousers and a psuedo-popper type thing I have been experimenting with. I figure if more people try it I can get a feel for how it works...heheh. It'll fish though. :thumb:

Edited to add - They're on their way, I dropped 'em in the box this mornin'


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Surf... what kind of epoxy are you using... I have always used soft tex but it is really pissing me off lately... i think i need to switch it up...
Hey Dave - I have not exprerimented with anything other than different types of 5 min epoxies. I like the Z-poxy - have always had good luck with it - stays free flowing for a long time after opening, I like the 2 bottles instead of the plunger type dispenser. I keep my flies out of the sun so they don't yellow too quickly. I prefer 5 min so I can get the head shaped the way I like it....versus using a slower dry time epoxy and drying wheel.

There was another product out there - maybe by Loon? supposed to be as hard as epoxy.

Looking forward to the flies!