Making your own dubbing brush


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To those that use the rubbing brush machines, do you find them worth the purchase? I have been intrigued by dubbing brushes but have never really tied with them. The other day, I made my first one using the drill, picture hook and vise base method and I found the process pretty straight forward.

Being my first, it was not the prettiest, most complex or best made brush ever but the flies I tied up with it will catch fish.

I have the Stonfo dubbing brush device and absolutely think it's worth the money. Just the hours of entertainment I've got out of it is worth it as I've spent countless hours just spinning up all kinds of random stuff. Lots of fun.

I'd say I've been incorporating brushes into close to half my flies at this point and am always looking at new ways to use it. In my eyes its one of the better additions to my massive amount of tying tools/materials that I've had.

Ryan Janos

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upload_2018-3-5_11-18-35.png I bought the 32g. and the 34g. stainless spool and it's really easy to work with and is pretty indestructible. I was going to shop some copper for freshwater applications thinking it might be easier to work with, but this stuff is easy enough to use and really cheap. And +1 for congo hair. If EP knew what was good for them they'd buy FTD with a non-compete clause and shut it down.

Edit: the 250' spool is like $0.50 more...
I started out using a dubbing block and still use it for smaller dubbing brushes. For larger brushes I bought a dubbing brush table from JVice. Jay Smit makes beautiful tools that are a pleasure to use. I also have a few of his bobbins, hackle pliers and a hand vice that I use in my travel kit.
For wire I use both the UNI medium and large stainless wire. Both work well.

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