blackmouth swap

Clint F

Fly Fishing Youth
title says it all... blackmouth swap. I am going to run this the same way as the last swap I am wrapping up now. So 11 tiers total. that's 10 flies, a nice manageable number. once the swap is full I will start a message with everyone involved and get my address to you guys. once the message is started feel free to talk about materials, patterns, share pictures as you go. even share a report or 2 pertaining to what the flies are intended for. it makes for a great interactive swap I have found. due date will be 28MAR18 so with any luck we can fish them the last weekend in march. let me know if you want in and what you are tying. don't forget your return postage or arrangement for pick up/drop off as that has worked well in the past also. cash is fine to cover the return trip if that's how you prefer. should be an interesting swap as I have not seen a blackmouth swap before.
1. Clint F
2. Philonius
3. John gates
4. SeattleFarq
5. Max P
6. TJ Fisher

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