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Let’s not forget the styrofoam!

Always great seeing heroine syringes in the current as well!

Great cause and everyone can do their part.
It's not just plastic, i've been using this for 4 years now to put all my butts in, also tippet scrap! Clips to my wading belt & float tube! I don't pick up much of other people shit, but have to try harder this year! Maybe a picture in every fishing report of the shit I found?

TJ Fisher

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I've noticed a lot more trash this weekend with the nice weather. I lost count of how many zip lock bags I picked up. Dog chew toys was another popular trash item yesterday, heavy mono, and a bag full of something. I wasn't opening it to find out.
Yes, lots of trash makes it into our waters for various reasons.......... I'm constantly grabbing floating trash in my kayak.........for some weird reason this year Ive already picked up 2 pairs of floating work gloves :)


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I have a fine collection of soccer balls picked up from the sound. Those and 5 gallon buckets seem to be all over the place out there.

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