Puget Sound wading boots


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Following up on the thread about flats wading boots, I'm curious what PS beach anglers prefer, felt, lug sole, or other footwear for wading and fishing the PS and HC beaches. Does it vary by season, with the increased algal growth in the summer?


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When I wear out my river boots they become my beach boots. Currently, using worn down vibram soles with 50% of the studs missing for the beach.

I don't think felt is a good idea at all.
A) It's slippery on mud
B) Shredded by shells

That would be cool if Simms made a Costal boot. They would probably sell a ton of them. Simms if you're reading this. Call me.


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Agree with SF. I keep 1 pair of boots with felt for rivers and just wear my rubber bottomed boots for the salt. I've very rarely had an issue with slipping in the Salt. It seems like there is plenty of grip on most beaches since they're either covered in rough barnacles/oysers, or the gravel is small. I"ve had my main beach boots for 5 years now and they're getting all cracked an beat up but seem to do just fine. I may add studs if the soles start to get too worn-down/slippery.
Vibram (or rubber) with studs is what I've been using for years, I think perfect for our beaches. I like Korkers but watch out for the toes, they can wear out prematurely from the oyster/clam shells and barnacles.


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Thanks guys. I bought a set of vibram lug sole boots that were on sale a while back thinking they would come in handy for clam digging or maybe beach fishing. Now I know.

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I'm still biting the bullet and using my old boots with the worn down felt soles. They are dried out at the moment, and I was thinking of getting creative on them with a tube of goop.

For surf perch here on the sandy beaches of the coast, my old boots are porous enough to let in sand, and the sand gets packed so heavily into wherever it can reach inside my boots, that I have to sit down, remove them, and empty them out every once in a while! No good!
My new boots don't let in as much sand. I've also worn neoprene kayak booties over my stocking foot waders, but they have no ankle support, and thin soles.
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I have tried just about everything in the saltwater at one time or another. In the last few years I have gravitated to wearing felt soled boots with no studs. But I am in and out of my rowing dory on the sea-run cutthroat fishing trips, and I don't want studs in the boat. If I sprung for installing some heavy rubber mats in the bottom of the dory, I suppose the cleats and studs would be less of an issue. But even with the matting installed, in some boats and airplanes that I have worked with, especially in Alaska, there was still plenty of damages from people wearing studded boots.

There is no doubt that there are locations around Puget Sound country where wearing only a felt soled pair of wading boots might not provide enough traction. And as already mentioned by others here, felt soles wear out quickly on the shells and barnacle strewn, rocky beaches. I do know of many places where it is pretty much impossible to wade without studs or cleats. It was just easier for me to decide on felt soles, under my circumstances, and this means that I also am more careful about my wading and foot placement everywhere that I fish. We should be doing that anyway. http://olympicpeninsulaflyfishing.blogspot.com