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Here is a cool Orvis video of GT fishing. I like it because you see so many eats and get to understand GT behavior. Notice when the guys go to recast and the GT's get all excited, that is how fast you have to strip the fly. My suggestion is to use the fly rod to accelerate the fly. If you pause they will hammer it then, but make the retrieve erratic. The title reminds me of a funny story. I was guiding one day and this guy Paul Ridgeway of Vision fly rods calls me and asks for me to show him where the bonefish are. I tell him I have a client and he says cool he will meet me after I am done and I can show him the spots. He is late and I am sitting on the beach with my wife after we had a nice lunch. I saw to my wife, you are never late for fishing, then I see this guy heading down the beach towards me with two girls and some fly rods. I look and tell my wife oh great I have to fish with his daughters. I look again and tell my wife, those are no daughters. Paul is nice and says change of plans, can you give these models a casting lesson. I say hell yes. We start casting into the pond and I tell one of the models who is wearing a very thin string bikini to Strip. She replies, Oh I am good at stripping. I was very lucky my wife was there, or I could have gotten into a lot of trouble that day. Wish I had a picture of the girls, but my wife was the only one who was sensible enough to take a picture. I even got paid for something I would have done gladly for free. Anyway, hope you like the video, Mems.


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Really cool video. I would love to travel to the Seychelles to fly fish. At 3:30 in the video you can see the speed that a GT has when it commits to eat a fly. They are not always easy to hook. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 grabs before the hook up, so keep the fly in the water! The video also shows that those who hook up have a fast strip set and keep the rod tip pointed at the GT.
Wow! That was exciting! Pretty sure the last guy in the video was Jussi Sjölund from Mountain Media, he fishes for anything & everything all over the world & has produced heaps of Swedish & Finnish flyfishing videos! I met him one year at our Flyexpo, really nice guy & the more DVD's I bought the cheaper they became!

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