The Big Day

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Congrats Lue! I just passed the 2-year mark of "gainful unemployment." Since I can now fish whenever it suits me, I actually enjoy putzing around doing the honey-do list.
Whaaaat? Someone actually not bitchin' about honeydos? Being single, I feel indebted to you and Swimmy and others here who appear to be conspiring to make it seem OK that any of us fly fishers neglect our fly fishing duties and laze around at home working on "projects." Dang! I love it! Pretty soon, you'll be making excuses to your fishing buddies about why you can't head out with them. Well, as far as this free &easy single retiree is concerned, MORE POWER TO YA! Fewer bodies on the river!:D

Naw...I know that a little bit of home maintenance now and then adds some syncopation to the rhythm of da fishing, cruising, and bicycling life, and is indeed necessary for maintenance of an anchor that will not let one drift too far away.

Yeah, congrats and enjoy, Lou!
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Lue Taylor

Lue Taylor/dbfly
Now only if I can get my fish count back up to the norm been sucking lately, out yesterday manage to hook 2 fish in the last hours of daylight keeping me from getting skunk again:(
Good thing that kind guy gave you a fly so you could catch those fish Mr. retired! Or else another stinky day....:eek: Lots of great fishing days ahead Lue! :D

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