FS Bunch of new reels , 3-6wt ,Ross,s.a ,Teton


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thanks for looking.
I have few fresh water reels. We moved to the seacoast few yrs back and just fish the salt water now. Perhaps someone can use them
- new. Teton 3/4 USA , in box. I bought this for a 3 wt rod that I never built , ha
- sa system 4 5/6. New in box with orvis hi Vis backing 99.oo
- new in box Ross evo LT. II. 5/6 platinum. I always wanted to use this reel ..just never did. 199.00
- Ross evo LT ll. Black , light use ,, in great great cond. will send some close ups
PayPal,is good. ..6.95 shipping. Many thanks Jim


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If the black Ross Evo LT 2 for $157 is avaialble I’m interested. Assuming that is the 4-5 wt LT 2, correct?

PM sent.
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