Fish hunting!

TJ Fisher

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Made it out a little late this morning birds were already working way off the beach. Fished until 10 before switching over to some smaller stuff I tied recently.

fishing was consistent thru the outgoing tide with this fly. All in all a great day with lots of sun. Definitely was wishing for a boat and some downriggers today.


TJ Fisher

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Haven't had the opportunity to try either yet.

That picture was 5 years ago on a charter for salmon, very first time fishing PS. The look is $1000 going down the drain and 0 fish lol

Hoping to have a new boat within the next few months to open up more opportunities.


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I know where y’all are coming from, but if you think of trolling as just power boating at sailing speed, it’s really a lot of fun :) Actually looking forward to trolling while sailing this summer but that’s another story altogether.


Just call me Jon
Not claiming I've explored all possibilities, but ocean, Straits, and lakes....downrigger fishing is insanely boring.

Then again I'm not a fan of any sort of trolling really
While I agree that it can be boring, some of my craziest days have been on the riggers as well. A morning of non-stop 20-25 lb. Kings in 25 fow comes to mind.

FF lit up, but nothing happening on the troll tells me to switch it up. Mooch/jig works well in this situation.

Any and all types of fishing are a hoot for me.

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Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Watching paint dry and grass grow comes pretty close.

View attachment 164171 this position gets old after the first half hour.
I totally agree, having worked as a painter and operated a lawn care service. I have been known to troll for salmon in Willapa Bay and other places. Only a few times a year, and I always enjoyed that fishery.
I will drag a fly behind my fishing kayak when paddling up a tidal creek or on a lake, but I'm usually heading to a spot I have in mind. Dragging a fly behind the yak isn't as boring as sitting in a motor powered craft, because I'm focused on everything going on around me, including paddling. And then I sometimes get lost in my own fantasies. My rod getting yanked back toward the stern and my drag screaming often wakes me out of some reverie.
Painting houses and interiors, and maintaining lawns are as boring as it gets. Cannery work can be worse.

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