Fish hunting!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Its low tide here, and I now must leave for the beach! Laters!:p

edit: Got one! 2nd cast! One bite, one hookup, one surf perch for dinner. Shoulda quit then. No more bites, even. Tide coming in hard, good little swell producing surf a little larger than I like for surf fishing. Big Momma Red Tail. 13" to 14" class. It was pretty tough surf fishing. I consider myself lucky today. The three other guys I saw down the beach gave up, and walked away skunked. We were all using gear with bait or jigs, not flies.
Perch is dead now, on ice, and no longer photogenic. I'm gonna filet it and eat it!
I might head back to the beach after the tide hits high, as the shore break and sideways current should have calmed down a bit by then. I needed to huck a 3 oz pyramid sinker on a spinning rod just to get it out over the shore pound to the first good trough, and the current and surf were still too much.
But, I found one!
That shorebreak and sideways current action makes me want to wait for much mellower conditions before I go after 'em with flies.
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Bob Balder

Willing to learn anything...
... In the Puget Sound.

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk I go...Where did "The Puget Sound" ever get started?? Drives me nuts! How about "The mount Rainier"? No, what about "The Lake Washington"? No..that is never uttered.
Then we have "The Hood Canal"...ugh, hear that all of the time too. Folks, it is just plain wrong.
It is "Puget Sound"..that is it no Damn "The".

There, off of my chest,


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