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Fished MA !! from the shore and from the kayak today, the shore started out slow so put the kayak in and paddled till a troll found a coho. Anchored up and worked that area some more. Coho and cutts were hanging in the verge between the muddy water hugging the shore and the clear water some 4-10 yards off shore, but they were not so interested in the presentation from the cast to the muddy and retrieve to the clear. So I paddled in and waded the muddy side. And it was totally different. Same exact area, but the strikes were hitting right where the cast to the clean retrieved into the muddy. 8:1 difference between the two sides. Then like usual, something shifted and it was all over. An hour later I gave up. Didn't see any bait but did see a sculpin lurking the verge...
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I had to fish some verge water in Hammersley Inlet a few years ago in the Spring from my canoe, on the "outside," where it was legal to fish, since the discolored water was flowing from a creek mouth, and the creek was closed. I would swing my Chum Baby right to the "verge" and let it hang in the inlet's ebb current. I was careful to stay out of the creek and not cast into it. If just hanging for a bit didn't draw a strike, I would try various stripping modes, and some of those produced. (See my post in Big Eddy thread).

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