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Would like the know the ages of you people, I'm 82 . So how close are you all to me. And am I the oldest on here or is somebody else older and still trying to fly fish??

Just asking. And hoping to get out more that 4 times this year. I don't think I caught anything last year. I did feel a few tugs.


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Jim - I hope you have better luck this year, watch your step. And catch some fish, more than tugs! I'm younger than you but older than @Old406Kid by a hair or two (oh, that's right, my hair is mostly gone). I'm 68.


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I am 60 years old. But i still feel and think like i’m 32. I started fly fishing when I turned 40 but don’t fish as often anymore. I have been a committed 10K+ distance runner for 38 years with a long time goal to keep running until i’m 60. I’m so happy that I have managed go beyond my goal and I think that keeps me feeling younger, though i have to admit this year i’ve started with older age physical issues. I think i forgot that i was going to get older because i don’t have children to remind me.
70 and still going, kind of at times. Some days I feel like I am still 50 and some days like an old man with all the aches and stiffness and pains that go with that. Being on kidney dialysis probably has something to do with that.

Keep plugging on Jim! We hade some memorable trips together! Bears, bears, everywhere bears! caught some trout too.


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