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If the next 26 years whips by as fast as the last 26 I'll still have a hell of a long to-do list when I hit the three-score-and-10 mark.
48....I love fly fishing more now than ever, probably because over the last number of years I fish less than I ever have.
But I guess that is why I love this board, talking about fishing, tying flies, buying and selling gear :rolleyes:, I guess it all makes me feel like I am still connected to the sport.
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I'm also about to turn 70.
Cons - I'm also about to turn 70.
When I first saw your post I thought I remembered you being the same age as my daughter. And unless your profile is wrong, I remembered. Amazing for such an older guy who isn't 70.

Can't wait to see the Swimmy new shirt thread. Cons.............:cool:

btw - bunch of us old guys going fishing Friday
You know the older you are the longer you will live!!
When I was born, 1948, my life expectancy was 67.
Now that I am 70 my life expectancy is 83.
So no matter what your age try to be as active and fit as possible. You might as well enjoy those extra years you have been given.

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