Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
67.5 in a couple of days, and still counting. Feels like my battered carcass is older, but I can't say by how much, since I haven't gotten there yet. Catch-22 situation. Ha, and just a few short (seems like longer) years ago I was one of those cocky poster oldies that claimed "60 is the new 40!"
On the other hand, Skip and Lou both seem to know "that you are only as young as the woman you feel," so they'll probably live to be well over 100.:D

Skip Enge

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Yeah, but my picture was taken in 1937. When was tours taken??
Yeah smart arse here...1955ish...when yours was taken they didn't have Roy Rodgers gear...or Daniel Boone ...but I suppose you coulda dressed up as Ug Trok the cave man with a club...emoticon here....>>>>>>;) . I am a bit scared now...I am testing your sense of humor...

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