top half of an in coming tide.

Clint F

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wow. I have never had good luck on a in coming tide. yet alone top half. until tonight that is. for some reason the cutthroat were plentiful and there were a few willing residents. most cutthroat were bright skinny fish fresh from spawning but decent size. between 13 and 15 inches. and the residents were about 14 inch fish. no idea why they were so willing on this tide but I cant complain. anyone else have any luck tonight?



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Salmon fry like skinny water. Fry are food. Cutthroat like to eat fry. Skinny water exists at the front of a flood tide and at the back of an ebb tide. Look for cutthroat in skinny water when the fry are around. That is known as fishing logic.
Oh yeah - fish a fry imitation!

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