Info on Sprague lake or Foy's lake?

I've got two sisters. One lives on Sprague Lake (Spokane) the other on Foy's Lake (Kalispell). I have not been to either one, and info seems rather sparse. I plan to take my float tube with me on a road trip to visit them this Spring and was hoping to get some information from you folks here. Thanks in advance, Jim


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I fished foy’s a couple of times when I lived on the flathead. It is very urban for Montana. I remember catching some small bows a nice lake for an urban fishery but there much better water close to there. Check what they say on the Montana department of Fish and Wildlife website. Other lakes around there are worth fishing. You might check out Rogers (Grayling).


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I've gone to Sprague several times but have never been able to really fish it because of the wind. It is supposed to have some really nice trout, however. Just be careful and very, very mindful of the wind. It would be a long and rugged walk if you got blown across or down the lake.


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Jim - I'm regurgitating what I heard Sunday about Sprague Lake; nice fish but not a large number of fish lake (you work for them?). See PM


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I've said it before but in my opinion Sprague could be one of the best, if not the best trout lake in the state if it was managed with some special regs. The growth rate of trout there is phenomenal.

The current plan by WDFW is for a warm water fishery with declining plants of trout going forward. I have no problem with big bass but alot of warm water fisheries tend to overpopulate without an adequate predator base to keep them in check.
Another negative factor for that plan is that the majority of fishermen in the state have a trout mentality, myself included, and won't fish it which is evident when you can drive by and usually count the number of boats on one hand.

I fished it for a few hours one afternoon last year and managed one 16" fish but also got broke off by one that would have made my day.

My suggestion is to keep tabs on WDFW's stocking report on it and plan accordingly.


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It's not like it was back then, but still holds big fish. It was nuts after the rehab, had lots break off 6lb tippet, biggest to my boat from there was 8lb. Last few years, most days for me have been slow, but when it's on, it's on.I Plan on targeting bass there this year. Last time I fished it late fall, only caught one 18" after throwing the box at them on a unusually calm day. The whole lake is a big shallow flat, super fish food producer.

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