Info on Sprague lake or Foy's lake?


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I check some the other fishing sites for Washington. Last fall some guys posted reports from Sprague with very nice size trout. They were trolling dodgers and big perch fly’s. I think you can find some videos on You tube. Some were from late fall, early winter. It does look like a boat kinda water.


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Sprague is always great after a rehab for about 3 years, then it falls off of trout to become a warmwater fishery..until that becomes inundated with panfish and Carp and such and then another rehab.
(Sidenote: after a rehab in the 80's, a large sturgeon washed ashore..6 footer plus. Crazy)

It has been that pattern for 30 years that I recall.

It is also a dangerous lake to mess with in the wind-which is most of the time, and has taken more than a few lives over the years. I have tubed it and caught some fish-including a Walleye on the fly at dark, but I'd stay tucked behind a cove and close to the launches, you could get in trouble and the whitecaps can get VERY big. Snake haven, too, later on


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That pic is awesome. Shirtless with waders, with a stick as a pontoon separator, using a classic Medalist as a fly reel, with a big grin that is between sheer joy and disgust, all at the same time.
We go old school down here! Dan was Baker County "Entrepreneur of the Year' this last year. He started a travel/guide business here. Here is a link to his web-site

Now for the fishing information. I have a friend who targets cats down here in an area where they congregate in about 4 feet of water. That's a trip I'm planning to do, although there is something a bit repulsive about those critters. I caught a huge one this last year and like Dan I managed to release it without grabbing the damn thing!


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I have eaten them, but there is mercury contamination in that whole system......ODFW recommends not eating more than one meal a month or some thing like that. I ate one once and it was great, just would rather eat little crappie etc. think they probably have less concentrations of the stuff. Of course this is coming from someone who lives in North Richland, about as close as you can get to the Hanford site!

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