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Yeah, we can have that kind of rally too, but only once the Skagit fishing season re-opens. Meanwhile, it will really, really help to rally the troops and phone and email NMFS Regional Administrator, Barry Thom and express your support for re-opening the Skagit now, not later. Barry is the guy who will sign the Record of Decision (ROD) that gives the approval to WDFW to open the season. Even though the deadline for public comment was Jan. 8, NMFS is hearing from the vocal opposition to the proposed Skagit steelhead season. If you want to fish, it can only help the cause if you express your support by ringing Barry's phone off the hook and flooding his email. If you want to extend your support of Occupy Skagit to the goal line, this is your chance to make a difference. Thanks.

[email protected]


If Barry's secretary who answers the phone and checks his email gets swamped and irritated, she will make sure Barry gets this done.
Eating crumbs for way too long has shriveled my stomach to the point of not wanting to eat. Salmo, if you put a letter in my inbox and address to send it to, I'll send it. Otherwise, well... good luck.


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Been sending an email a day since you posted, SG. Hopefully its getting the message across.

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