NFR 2018 Yard/Garden Thread

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Right now the beach pines in my area aren't spewing pollen. So its a good time for pruning the pines here. I finally went after a couple of overgrown 30' tall ones (that I planted over 20 years ago) with my pole pruners. One was already into the telephone lines and approaching the power lines. My 8" bar electric pole saw (cordless mini-chainsaw on a stick) proved to be a real workhorse. I'm going to completely remove the one problem tree in the corner by the utility pole, and fine-tune my work on the other one. After that, my tree pruning is done.
Then its back to killing off the moles.

Ed Call

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Lower hedge in the yard that pretty much cut the yard in half, was 9 or more feet tall and horribly out of control...HACKED out. Great time investment, but the pile of debris is huge. Upper hedge, same shit just not quite all across the yard is next.


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Looking forward to the gardening season.

It has been a productive off-season. 10 yards of compost spread and worked into the soil (hand spaded), expanded the asparagus patch, added a third 4 foot by 12 foot raised strawberry bed, moved the rhubarb (4 plants), took out an unproductive cherry tree and planted 2 new fruit tress (Asian and regular pears) and have the early crops in the ground. Still to do is the rebuild the bird cover frame and replace the netting for the blueberries (14 bushes) that did not survive the snow.



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Gardner is an old Indian name for, "Man who can't hunt and fish."

I was in the grocery store just now if anyone's looking for potatoes. They had hundreds of them.
Buy them and cut them in pieces and plant. 100’s will be 1000’s. Baked potatoes/hash browns/fries/mashed/fried/gratin..etc.
you’ll be
Living the Martian diet!!!

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