Rare winter Western Washington stream resident trout fishing report

What a surprise. Mostly, we wanted to go for a walk in the woods by the river. We wondered, Should we string up a rod? Might as well, we decided. Not five minutes into casting into a deep, slow glide, my indicator dipped and I set into what felt like a decent fish. I ended up landing what is by far my largest resident fish from non-anadromous waters in Western Washington. The fish gobbled a prince nymph.

And to think I almost didn't "bother" to fish.


Amazing fish. Western WA sure holds some treasures.

Increasing local pressures on forests and rivers do concern me with the sustainability of these treasures though. I hope these great fish can hold out.
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What a fish! Possibly lake run?
Only if it took an extremely steep and extremely unlikely one-way downhill trip.
Well there’s a lesson there, huh? Really nice surprise!
Yep, bring more beer. Oh wait, no, always bring your trout hound!
That is a fantastic fish but good lord I fear the damage these kinds of posts may incur. So many views, so few rivers. :(
A valid concern, but even if someone guesses the system, there are many, many miles of open water. And it’s still winter. This fishing usually sucks in winter, in terms of productivity, in my experience. That’s why I almost didn’t fish. So my point is, you wanna try to catch that fish or one like it? Get out there, more power to ya. The rivers belong to everyone. This fish is a testament to the effectiveness and value of catch and release. It was clear that I was not the first to catch it.
And there’s this. :)

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