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@Old Man, i am sorry to hear this. I wish you lived closer. I could take you out on my excursions with my octogenarian friend Chuck who lives (edited to add: He lives BY me, not WITH me) and is also struggling with driving. He is allowed one beer a week by his cardiologist so i pick him up and we head to the local pub where the beer is half price on Thursdays. We Meet up with our other older friend Jim (who is 80 but able to drive himself).

I have an Irish Death microbrew, Chuck has a Bud Lite and Jim drinks club soda. We solve all the worlds problems in 90 minutes. I would love it if you lived close and I could pick you up too.
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Two yearsish for cataract surgery for me...Mine have been coming on for a decade...Thanks Mom!
My wife had hers done 8 years ago. At that time I was told I had cataracts , but my eyes were good, I was still seeing very well, My annual eye appointment in Dec, nothing has changed , same results as 8 years ago. Doctor said he sees it occasionally where cataracts are not clouding the vision. I don't wear glasses, just cheaters to read. Go figure


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This reminds me, I should probably make an appointment with the eye doctor. I never wore glasses until I went in for a checkup just after I retired 2 years ago. And now I can read the street signs before I drive into the middle of the intersection. It's a good difference.

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I was told to get a vision field test...the teensy little red dots you are supposed to see...Well that was over 6 months ago...and now I'm on medicare ...used to have medicaid...can't wait to see how much that is gonna cost. Regardless of gender those over 65 are cash cows.