A day at the Lake


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Some fries and apple juice and we hit the road:
At the first opening in the reeds we watched a 21/22 incher swam by. Well this looks good Liam!
Perfect place to run some cars over bumps and get muddy for mom:
First fish:
As day went on Liam got into it pretty well. Just gotta teach him to keep rod tip up:)
About a dozen to hand and a dozen got off. Missed a bunch too. Not that I care:) Pretty decent fish for a gear lake. Mainly caught on chironomids and my stand by leech. Pretty good hatch really. Beautiful day. I spent some time in a t-shirt. No joke.

The fish hat is good luck!
Take care everyone!


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You need to show me your system for taking little ones out. I think next year will be the year for me.
Well Dan I put him in a backpack the first year. Start with short trips and bring lots of snacks. Then as he got bigger I had to leave him at home for awhile as he was to big to hike in but didn't listen well. Now the kid is trucking at 3.5 years. He talks up a storm. Seriously crazy the stuff he comes up with out there. Lots of fun.

Bring Snacks. A ziploc bag of Cheerios will keep a hungry kid occupied for like 30 minutes:D


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I remember those times raising two boys , it was good times. Matter of fact the one 45 year old son, as we speak ,we are setting up a day this week to go fish a local river. The good times are still rolling :)


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Billy - last time I saw Liam it was easy to understand why you don't back pack him anymore, he's going to be like his dad! Awesome day you two had, well done!
Looks like an amazing day! Nice fish too. Fishing with kids is fun. I took my 6 yo out on the Sandy a couple weeks back and he caught a few suckers and was pumped! Makes me feel like I’m missing something....
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Super great post. I’ve taken my daughter out a couple of times- I think she kinda got the bug after reeling in some small rainbows on our second outing. Hooking that many fish while looking after a 3 year old...you’re a legend Billy.

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