A day at the Lake


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I'm taking notes Billy. My oldest grandson is about 3 1/2, so I think I should take him to the local lake this spring and hope he doesn't jump out of the boat or throw the oars and rods overboard.


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Good job dad. I did this and my son is a fishing fool...he just formed a High School bass team.

Something fun: Teach him this: When asked where the fish were caught (everyone asks the kid) tell him to answer "right in the mouth!" he'll get a lot of laughs.


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You need to show me your system for taking little ones out. I think next year will be the year for me.
I got some great advice: when you take a kid fishing you don't! So relax and don't stay too long (but don't leave when the weather sucks, put on a strong face and gut it out!)

Catch one fish and play with it, if it is a panfish put it in a bucket of water and let your kid play with it (it's hell to be a sunfish!).

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