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Crowds have not been an issue on the Hump since about the end of January. That's probably because everybody figured out there were no new fish coming. I've been fishing it more than usual (mostly because it's not crowded), but I haven't touched a fish since January. Your mileage may vary.... I suspect most of the lull is due to the shoulder season between run timings (hey - it couldn't be that I don't know what I'm doing, right?). I haven't been back in a couple weeks; maybe some wild fish have showed up. Not sure if the Hump gets a late hatchery run or not....

I have no secrets to tell. There's not a lot of bank access on the Hump; very nearly all of it is at and below the Stevens Creek hatchery. There's a couple decent spots to swing flies below the hatchery hole, but not many. Bobber and jig outfit seems to provide more opportunities for fishable water.


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i fished the hump Saturday and Sunday from 6-5pm both conventional and swinging a fly. out of the 2 days i had two hook ups above the hatchery (can gain access by walking from the hatchery) i saw about 5 fish hooked from guides and my buddies 3 back trolling plugs and 2 with a bead under a float. The conditions were tough this past weekend being 5-8ft of vis and the sun blaring down on the low clear water.

my friend and i spent a lot of time in pocket water with nothing to show but all the fish that were caught were fresh fish. this has been the second time out to the hump so i am not too familiar with the river yet but there are some fish in the system.

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used to fish it all the time. not so much anymore due to the number of guides out there. other closer places to home with just as many or fewer guides

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