WTB saltwater fly line - 8wt or 9wt

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I am headed out to Andros for a bonefishing trip in two weeks. I am looking to buy a backup saltwater line. I definitely need an 8wt line, but I will probably also bring my 9wt rod, so if anyone has a 9wt line, I'm probably interested in that too. Looking for something lightly used, great condition and relatively new (bought in the last 5 years). Must be either a general purpose saltwater line or a bonefish specific line.


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Hey Richard. Jim here. You might be in luck ,,I moved down from my 9 wts to 7-8. Have 1 coil of LL bean stripe bass I used it once and one 444 sl. Both are wff9 23.90 ..shipped bean 19 for the 444
The bean is green



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I have new, boxed untouched SA MASTERY GRAND SLAM WF8F- $55 shipped
and the same but used 1 day for $40 (It did not agree with my casting/rod)
Also new Airflo Clear Tip Tropical- Short tip-12'. No box but never used (check the leader connection loop!). $45
(It is a very beefy line, it did not fit on my reel, require larger reel or less backing!)
I have a RIO bonefish WF8F. And a RIO Tropical F/I WF9F/I. Both would be perfect for your needs.
Both lines have been casted once, otherwise brand new.
PM if interested.
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