NEW ECHO SWING PACKAGE DEAL! 6,7, or 8 WT's Spey and Switch

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We are offering a ready to fish Spey or Switch package for $399!! Seriously, all you need to do is string it up and tie on a fly. Everything is BRAND NEW with warranty. Rod tube and sock included. You have the option of choosing 6,7, or 8 wt. configuration.

Here's what is included:
  • ECHO SWING ROD - SWITCH 6116-4, 7117-4, 8118-4, SPEY 6126-4, 7130-4, or 8136-4
  • ECHO BRAVO REEL - 7/9, or 8/10 sz.
  • 30# Dacron Backing
  • PSFC Mono Running Line
  • Scientific Anglers Skagit Extreme Head - Size matched to rod
  • 10' Sink Tip
  • Leader
  • 1 Steelhead fly
These combos retail for over $500. Get yours today by calling the shop, or responding here by PM.

FREE SHIPPING CONUS. Add sales tax in WA.

Thanks for looking,

Puget Sound Fly Co.
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