FS McFarland glass 8'3" 12wt shop build

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8'3" 2pc yellow glass 12wt, just an absolute hammer of a rod. Built with Size D in classic gold, trimmed with bright red. Snake Brand guides, Lemke LC26 in nickel silver, full wells grip and 1" fighting butt. Balances nicely with a Galvan Torque 12 loaded with SA Grand Slam WF12. Not for the faint of heart but this rod will tame the biggest tarpon or even shark you might want to rope with a fly.

For those not familiar with my work, check out my stuff on facebook and instagram (Deep Bend Rodworks). High-end custom glass builds primarily on US-rolled blanks with US-made components. There are well over $400 in components alone in this build - will handle every big game itch you could want to scratch short of marlin.

With custom tube and sock, $650 shipped and insured to your door in CONUS.

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