Leavenworth Area Fishing With Kids?

I'm going to be in the Leavenworth area with my family for a few days in mid-April and I'm looking for a place to take my 9 year old son fishing. He's new to fly fishing and while he's caught a number of fish on the fly I'm hoping to find a place that isn't too technical so his beginning casting ability won't be an issue. I know there's a TU kids fishing pond right in town but it doesn't open until July. We've been to Fish Lake in the past and this worked great but ice might be an issue in April. I'm really not to picky about where we go- I just want to provide him with a fun fishing experience. I'm open to lakes, ponds, hike-in lakes, moving waters...- any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


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In a nutshell, I'd skip the fishing on that trip.

If you must fish and want to stay in the general Leavenworth area, Fish Lake is about your only choice. You are too early for the opening day lakes, not that there are any in Leavenworth anyway. The hike-in lakes are likely to be still frozen and you'd need snowshoes or crampons to get to them anyway. 45 minutes away in Rock Island, there are some small lakes that will be open but they aren't very fly fishing friendly for a newbie as every open spot will be packed with worm soakers. Plus, the lakes (and town) are butt ugly and nothing I'd wish on a beginner.

The closest open moving water is the Yakima, which in April, won't be safe or wading friendly for a 9 year old. Rocky Ford is over 2 hours away and not known to be kind to beginners.

Bottom line, Leavenworth is a lousy pure fishing destination most of the year, and some would say all year. There are a few exceptions: the Icicle system from mid/late-July to the end of the season for or if steelheading is ever open again (not likely) or you like dark hatchery kings in late summer or you want to hike into the alpine lakes and creeks. Other than that, IMHO, just plan to enjoy everything else Leavenworth has to offer and save your fishing kitchen passes for other destinations.
Thanks for the link to the Fish Lake web cam. As it looks like this will be my only potential option in the area I'll be checking on it as my trip approaches. I wish there were some better early season options available but scheduling a fishing only trip with my son sounds like a great plan. Thanks for the advise.

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