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717B5279-017F-4A23-92BE-ECB69ED1590E.jpeg 3F72A284-B555-41D7-A113-4229A96BB88A.jpeg FS Oasis Sparkle Spinner, 5” X5” Base, 20” Ht., holds 32 packs of Sparkle material. Includes 28 packets of Krystal Flash, 6 packets of Krystal Flash Ultra, 7 packets of Streamborn Midge Rainbow Flash, 10 packets of Flashabou “Marabou Action “‘ and 5 packets of Larva Lace Angel Hair. A Total of 56. Price for the Tower and the Materials is $85.

An Oasis Thread Safe containing 55 Spools of 6/0 Flymaster Thread, and 10 Spools of 140 Denier. $65

A Dubbing Hotel that can hold 4 boxes of Dubbing. $20

An Oasis FlyDock for saving your flies while tying, $14.

An Oasis Bead and Eye Center $20.

Dyna King Tool Carousel w/4 Griffin ceramic bobbins, 2 Anvil Scissors, and a Dubbing Whirl. $60.

For Sale Individually or the works for $205 shipped.

Sold pending funds.
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