2018 Ocean Thread

Rather than dig up the fantastic thread that we've been using the last couple years I thought I'd start a new thread for 2018 ocean fishing talk.
Bottomfish, salmon, albacore, sharks... Whatever... If it happens in the ocean, I love to talk about it and I know many of you do as well!

I just got home tonight from Westport lingcod opening weekend. Saturday the east wind made things tough, but man oh man were the lings hungry!!
Today it was an unbelievably nice ocean for March 11th! I had to wear a buff and sunscreen it got so nice. Absolute lake Pacific out there. What a day. Sure missed the ocean over the winter!
Stopped by a forum member's on the way home and picked up a 12 wt that will be stashed in my boat all season for any interesting opportunities, mostly albacore!

First lingcod of the year

Had a pretty spectacular whale show this afternoon



Little lumpy Saturday



Such a gorgeous ocean today!

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Jim Mcallister

AKA stillwater guy
A good thread to start up Nick .I have great interest in fishing the big water with a fly.Last year I hooked my first king on my fly rod.My wife and I were fishing out of Tokeland for the kings,when I hooked a fish I would estimate to be over 30lbs.It peeled about 225 feet of line before I just cranked the drag down to brake it off cause I only had 20 feet of backing left.He stopped.Iwas able to get back half of my line when he took off again.Icould feel his tail slapping the line just before the leader broke smack in the middle,and he was gone.Now I am no rooky when it comes to catching fish ,and I have caught lots of salmon,my fair of chum over 20 plus lbs and a few kings over 20 lbs. But this fish rattled me.Idid every thing right.It was just not ment to be.It was just another long line release.It took me 10 minutes to get my wits again,what a rush.Iam hooked.After thinking about it all year I know what I will do different this time .I will have a shorter rod not 10 foot maybe 8 foot ,and I will have a fresh 30 lb leader ,other then that I wont change a thing. Oh yeah I am going to train the wife on how to net a fish and drive the boat.Maybe do CPR

Jim Mcallister

AKA stillwater guy
The tube fly on the bottom is the one I caught the fish on ,the squid I have great hopes for this,I didnt tie this one .Another tyer and I brain stormed this one at Albany last weekend


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The tube fly on the bottom is the one I caught the fish on ,the squid I have great hopes for this,I didnt tie this one .Another tyer and I brain stormed this one at Albany last weekend
Were you trolling the fly when you hooked the King or casting? Close to shore or open water? Love hearing these stories!
Where's "down south"? Always interested in comparing notes, and sharing intel on tuna fishing.
The outer waters off of Southern California. When the conditions are right, the albacore can be anywhere from 50-70 miles out and the yellowfin usually on the inside of the islands...much closer...just depends on the year, water temps, etc.

Catching them on the fly is actually pretty easy, it's finding them and getting them to eat that's the hard part! You can troll them up, chum them up or stumble on a school that's crashing bait. Once you're in them, chum just enough to keep them interested around the boat. A 12wt with a sinking line, a nice bait pattern fly and an average cast is all you need. I use a 10-12" butt section of 40# with a loop on the end, and a short 3-4' piece of 25# Maxima for a leader. Very simple.

In SoCal, everyone that is serious about fishing is probably only a couple degrees of separation away from someone that knows a commercial skipper or a spotter pilot or both....a huge help in finding fish. If you're fishing "blind", you're looking for current breaks, temp breaks, kelp patties, birds or breaking fish.

It's a tough game and you're gonna burn alot of time and fuel, but when it's on, it's epic!



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Thanks, that's pretty much what we do up here, although we usually dont have to run nearly that far... "usually". It can be a tough game, but yeah, when it's "on".

Jim Mcallister

AKA stillwater guy
I was midchanel in 32 feet of water it was mirror calm no current.I had stopped the boat to clear the eel grass off of the gear rod .I let the fly rod just sit in the holder.Once I cleaned the 3 lbs of salad off the bait rod I grabbed the fly rod and gave it two long strips then turn to answer my wife, turned back and gave it another strip which pretty mutch ended up being a hook set.And the game was on . I had been trolling al morning to no avail.In the future I might do more cast, settle,strip.The line I have sinks about 1 foot a second,so it doesnt cast worth a damn.I have a lot of figuring out on how to do this,buts thats the game isnt it.I am lucky to have agood circle of friends that are big water guys,and all I have to do is ask.

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