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Weather report for yesterday looked great so I packed up Sunday night and hit Pass Lake on Monday. Morning shadows were still long over the lake when I hit the water, which is still hovering around 48 degrees. I threw on a fly that most closely resembled a @Tim Lockhart favorite, in hopes of matching his prowess on the lake.

Fat chance.

I drug several patterns all over the west half of the lake with only a single bump for all my effort. The only redeeming factor was the great weather and the warmth of the sun...and the occasional duck or merganser puttering around.

After a long overdue pit stop I grabbed my "bobbers and 'mids" thinking what the hell could it hurt. There was a steady light breeze on the lake that made staying put in the FishCat a bit of a challenge. But I managed to keep the line fairly straight and settled in to watch the bobber. All of a sudden it dove like it was made out of lead and I set the hook.

Fish on!

I could tell by the tug it was a good sized fish. After playing sit and spin I got it in the net and it looked to be around 16-17 inches and big shouldered. Another one just like the other one, a miss and then the bite died off. I played the game for another half hour and hunger got the better of me and I headed out.

@Irafly and @troutpocket would have been proud of me for sure.





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Ahhh, it's nice to see you mellow a bit at your advanced age. I can remember when you said you were never going to fish Blue Lake again and look at you now-an expert!

With your reluctance to chironomid fish ameliorating it would seem that good times are ahead. Hope to join you for some sit and chat while we stare at bobbers.

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