Lefty Kreh


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Lefty and Stephen,two titans in their respective fields,we are a lesser world without them but a better world because.It was my honor to learn from both.

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RIP Lefty.
What a guy he was, strangely enough, I just read the tribute to him written by Flip Pallot in Fly Fisherman this morning. Would love to have met him...he will be sorely missed.



One of my few flyfishing heroes. It's near impossible to mention all that he did for our sport. Rest in peace, Lefty.


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Yep I agree with men of that generation. My dad and uncles were of the same. They walked but didn’t talk, dont put off tomorrow what can be done today, work today because tomorrow there may be no job. 20’s and 30’s upbringings bred a different man and woman. Those tumultuous times were carved in them for life. Simply men and women of action. The greatest generation....I can’t argue with that claim.


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Lefty Kreh was an amazing teacher and angler. He did so much to promote and advance fly fishing. I wish I read his books and watched his videos earlier in my angling life. I never met him, but he helped me enormously to improve my saltwater fly fishing. Thank you Lefty!

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