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Matt B. mentioned Raymond Carver over in the steelhead forum. Ray was a neighbor for awhile when I lived on the beach at the Elwha River mouth.

Deschutes River

This sky, for instance:
Closed, gray,
But it has stopped snowing
So that is something. I am
So cold I cannot bend
My fingers.
Walking down to the river this morning
We surprised a badger
Tearing a rabbit
Badger had a bloody nose,
Blood on its snout up to its sharp eyes.
Prowess is not to be confused
With grace
Later, eight mallard ducks fly over
Without looking down. On the river
Frank Sandmeyer trolls, trolls
For steelhead. He has fished
This river for years
But February is the best month
He says.
Snarled, mittenless,
I handle a maze of nylon.
Far away -
Another man is raising my children
Bedding my wife, bedding my wife.

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
I wrote one for an annual gathering event on the Yakima River.

The river, 

the water

in this way 

we commune

but once a year

coalescing hearts

Minds and wit

The culinary

the camaraderie

the purity

Of fire 
and water

extend welcome

to free spirits

Who share

In their hearts

something very

special indeed

The river
, the water

this is how 

we commune

This is how

we meet

at the river

to cleanse...

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches

There is a little stream
Near by, and I can hear it
A little riffle- a small dream
It calls me , it beckons me
And i visit it whenever I can
I can't explain exactly...
But the beckoning voice calls me
Water over rock,a chorus, glistening
In the daylight and moonlight
It's mood beckons to me with meaning
Just a little riffle, a little wet spot
a vein pulsing blood from mother earth
The stream , the creek, the crick
wherever you live, it does the trick
There is this little riffle that entices
To those that love and know what that is
It's a tiny place a haven for a fish
A creature that defies all we do do
Water defines why we are
We need to remember that
In all we do, and make and create
A riffle is a symbol of sympatico
Life relies upon this simple truth.

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches

The ripples and resounding water
A harmony that knows no bounds
Relentless and symphonic.
Across rock and sediment bed
Sleeping yet somber..
I find a chorus that speaks to me.
That staccato rhythm that has meaning to me..
I fashion a creation of feather and fluff
A creation that I think is good enough...
A hook, some thread and faith
That whatever large or small
Will come to see the presence of it all..
There it is... this drift
Apart from the distraction around me...
The ripple of wind, the glint of light
On the water. the presence of life
Like no other. The stream makes all this possible
With a confluence of the perpetual...
Waters flow forever to the sea,
We are captured in that moment
Mesmerized and able to see..
The natural wonder of nature
And it's brilliant perpetual..
I revel in this presence
And seek it's grace...
Knowing all of it- is God's face...
I am forever thankful and
Knowing that none of this is possible
Without knowing it is a gift
We need to see
The love of earth


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My poems (I hesitate to use the term poetry) are a bit less reflective, but they do rhyme.

The Final Take

When my time comes roll me down
To my favorite stream and let me drown.
Put a fly rod in my hand.
Prop me up, let me stand.

Let me cast one last time.
Load the rod, shoot the line.
Watch the fly touch lightly down.
Feel the take of the final brown.

Hear the song of the backing run
In the final heat of the summer sun.
Feel his head turn one last time.
Hear the snap of the parting line.

Feel the slack coil in my hand.
Then let me slip into the sand.
Feel the cold close over head,
Fill my heart with joy, not dread.

Let me have my final wish.
Take me down and feed the fish.

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Here I stand all broken hearted
Had one on but the tippet parted.

Sorry, just had to show you guys the way.
Feel free to add verse.
Even though my prose
Is a bit terse, poetry is alien
To me as my offering
attests to be, but please
My friends don't hold
it forever against me.
Hallelujah, I'm a dork


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