Bear fences ?

Anyone own a counter assault or UDAP bear fence? If so, how do you like it? Got a Smith river permit and with trips on the South Fork & North fork of the Flathead, I thought it would be worth the purchase.


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For the energy it takes to do a good job of putting up the bear fence each night at camp, I'm inclined to just practice safe bear sense camping instead. If Bruin ever chomps up my ice chest or camp box I might change my mind, but so far, so good.
That was a concern of mine as well. I guess if your staying in the same place for a few days it would be more ideal then setting it up every night on a rafting trip.


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Yes. If you're staying in the same place for a few days, wildlife are more likely to happen by and discover they have a new neighbor. I think clean, one-night stealth camps result in the fewest wildlife interactions. Unless you BBQ buffalo wings in the afternoon with a light breeze to carry the odor a long ways. That got some attention that was thwarted by blowing on the coach's whistle like a maniac for a minute or so. I wear the whistle around my neck all week in bear country.


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Did a couple fly-in fishing trips in AK where a bear fence was placed around the plane. I guess they work. Bears left the plane alone.

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Smells like low tide.
I usually try to avoid going to places that are populated by a lot of bears, but they seem to be everywhere. Here in black bear country, I hang/store my food a couple hundred feet away from my tent, and never have any snacks inside my tent. So I try to avoid setting up my tent where I plan to cook and eat. I haven't had to camp in Griz country yet.
UDAP works fine. I have used one many times on float trips in Alaska. The entire thing weighs a couple pounds. Once you get the knack of it setting up camp becomes a rhythm and the fence only takes a few minutes. Just gives you some peace of mind + on the few times a trip we maintain a camp for more than 1 night we can go fish away from camp without worrying about the camp getting ransacked. I have had bears come through camp a half dozen times. One time a mama bear and her cubs tracks were around the fence, but they did not come in. I am a little embarrassed to use them, but like them! lol.


I know - right! Watch some of the vids online. A bear can sense that electrical current and won't go near it. If the bear learned how easy it is to knock it down then I am sure they would go right through it. Just like bears in Yellowstone are accustomed to cars, etc... In wild areas it works very well. I have had prints very close to it from a curious grizzly - with food within - and the bear stayed out.
i used one when i crossed the wind river and it was great. more suited for group hikes then teams of 2 or 3. would be fine on the boat. (edit: we used it to store our food bags when hanging was not an option)


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Nobody uses them up here in BC, at least I have never seen one. Unless you re camping by a northern salmon stream in the fall, I wouldnt worry about it. Be smart with your food and cooking, and carry bear spray.


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