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UDAP works fine. I have used one many times on float trips in Alaska. The entire thing weighs a couple pounds. Once you get the knack of it setting up camp becomes a rhythm and the fence only takes a few minutes. Just gives you some peace of mind + on the few times a trip we maintain a camp for more than 1 night we can go fish away from camp without worrying about the camp getting ransacked. I have had bears come through camp a half dozen times. One time a mama bear and her cubs tracks were around the fence, but they did not come in. I am a little embarrassed to use them, but like them! lol.
I'm curious where in AK you used the fence or have had issues...the bears are everywhere...more abundant in some places than others. Where's the photo from? Looks SW.

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The UDAP runs on 2 D batteries. At least mine does. The fence is just a battery pack, wire and some carbon poles. It is extremely compact and lightweight. I haven't weighed mine, but it is for sure under 5lbs all in and in a tiny package. If I was hiking I would probably just practice good sense and if it was heavy bear country use a bear proof container. For a float trip where there is a heavy bear population the fence is ideal. You could easily hike with it too though. To each his own. If it makes the group comfortable, why not? In the Cascades I just hang my food and call it good. I have seen many black bears and 1 Grizz. Never had one come in a camp in hundreds of trips in the Cascades.
Snarlac, the photo is a long river in Bristol Bay. I know not everyone uses a fence. We like to cook fish right in camp and also hike the smaller tributaries after being camped. All our food is in bags in camp. Heck - there isn't even always a place to hang food, or put it away from camp without a hassle. Since we are on a river in prime fish season there are obviously lots of bears. Just eases the mind. That's all. I don't know if we would have ever have had an issue without the fence - I do know we haven't had one with it; and have had tracks close to it. I don't even know how many issues have been associated with the bears in that area. Yeah - there are a lot of bears, but they are wild - so are skittish and run away usually. Although we have had some odd Grizz behavior a few times that puts you on edge.

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I lived for a whole summer in a tent in the Smith river drainage. I saw 4 bears. Never had one in camp. I would not worry about it myself.

Black bears only in Meagher county, at least 20 years ago.

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Ive had a fence around camp a couple times....not a huge issue. I would likely want one if I were to float Kodiak streams.

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